Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gurl Over There~~~

I was busy doing my work (kenu o aarrrr.. ) .. .. but I can’t focus after 3 hours straight ( kononnn laa.. hik3) . my mind was distracted by something that is really reallyyy really annoying. So, I stop for a while. Wow… I can’t believe of what I’ve been thinking. And guess what.. hurrmm… ahhazzzz.. it may sound so cheeky.. but, for me.. I think it’s normal.. so, gals out there.. I guess this issue normal kan3 ?? well, to be honest, hihihi.. I was thinking of marriage and having kids by my own. Woowww.. sound ambitious, but then, every single women out there may wish the same thing. Right dearrrllyy? Hihihihi.. I take it as a yess tho.. huu.. so, I think, at this age (golongan adulthood la tuuu…) , I guess this is a HUGE matter for me . hihihi.. when will I gonna get marry? Ehehehe.. hihihi.. so, I kinda ask my fren’s opinion.. suddenly she came out from her room and mentioned something that was totally make me wonder and write this post. Hihihi.. she did mentioned this “hmm.. you know what, I guess for women laa… I think it is good if we (women) pregnant ‘as often as we can’ before we reach 30. Hahaha… because, after 30, it may be difficult for us, women you know…. I mean, due to health condition, the baby and etc. huhuhu.. so, by 27, it would be nice marry at that age yyooowwhhh … , so by 30, you already have at liz 3 kids.’ .. hmm…. That’s make me wonder, and im quite amaze.. I guess base on what she said , rational la kotttt.. hihihi.. ya lorr, it is good thing if we, women gets pregnant before 30..have a lot of wonderful life with kids .. and yes, stress itu mmg ada .. 


  1. hapuu..27 kawen cita2 ko io..kiha nda meh aku tu

  2. heee... nya pendapat aja la nya sulu..... kan dah janji tahun depan....

  3. year mean you can got, 7 anak before 30 yr old hahaha...